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My Umbraco Journey as a Digital Agency Founder

My Umbraco Journey as a Digital Agency Founder

Adam Shallcross • CEO and Founder

from Cogworks • 29 May 2024 • 1 min read

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It's been a while since I wrote my original article for Skrift; an Umbraco tale, so I wanted to revisit it.

A lot has changed in the last six years, so I thought it would be helpful to review what I wrote then and update it with where I am now and where I think we'll be going in the future…enjoy!

The early days!

In 2006, The Cogworks was a fledgling company, taking its first steps with the creation of our very own CMS, called "The CogCMS".

Those days were filled with aspirations of enterprise glory, with visions of bean bags and foosball tables. It was a time of ambition and dreams before we discovered Umbraco.

Then, one open-source .NET CMS changed everything for us, beginning a relationship that would help define our journey and growth.

A warm welcome to the community

Umbraco's community was a breath of fresh air, changing any preconceived ideas I had about open-source communities being clicky and unfriendly. It was welcoming, supportive, and eager to share knowledge. The community wasn't just about coding; it was about creating connections, learning, and contributing in any way possible.

Despite not being a specialist back-end developer, I found a niche within Umbraco, contributing through simple packages, engaging in discussions, and helping nurture the community that quickly became like a second home.

Adapting and evolving

My journey with Umbraco has been one of constant evolution and adaptation:

Times of growth

Umbraco's growth has continued to be marked by solid roadmaps, streamlined releases, and increased professionalism, and it has been game-changing. Umbraco has grown into a robust, reliable CMS that continues to exceed expectations. 

The acquisition

The acquisition of Umbraco also raised eyebrows, with many wondering about the future of its open-source ethos. However, so far, the spirit of Umbraco remains intact, a testament to the strength of the community and foundational principles.

Cogworks Umbraco Partner: From Gold to Platinum

From the first dedicated UK Partner to an Umbraco Gold Partner and now an Umbraco Platinum Partner.

Achieving Platinum Partnership status with Umbraco was a milestone for me at Cogworks. It's not just a title; it reflects my dedication, expertise, and commitment to the Umbraco ecosystem.

This partnership underscores both my and Cogworks' role in helping build the UK community into the robust ecosystem it is now and looking to shape the future of Umbraco, contributing to its growth and ensuring its success for users worldwide!


The future of Umbraco has me in it, and Cogworks too

Cogworks' growth, paralleled with Umbraco's, has empowered us to deliver exceptional work.

The spirit of innovation, collaboration, and kindness within the Umbraco community is a powerful testament to the open-source model (and it's a spirit I have driven through Cogworks since we started). Community, collaboration and honesty are crucial to everything we do - clients and team members.

As we look back at our journey from the CogCMS days to our current status as a Platinum Partner, it's clear that our paths with Umbraco have been inextricably linked.

Challenges, from global crises to significant changes within the Umbraco ecosystem, have made us stronger and more resilient.

The next decade promises growth, innovation, and continued collaboration within the Umbraco community

My journey into the open-source world with Umbraco was a turning point, not just in my professional life but in creating a sense of belonging and purpose.

The community welcomed Cogworks, a small agency with big dreams. It allowed me to contribute uniquely, from organising meetups to launching the UK Umbraco Festival, which has grown into an event celebrated by hundreds from around the globe.

The challenges I've faced personally and as a company, from navigating a global health crisis to adapting to the evolving landscape of web development, have only strengthened my resolve. 

I'm excited about the possibilities for Cogworks, the Umbraco community, and the wider open-source community.

It's a great time to explore Umbraco

If you're interested in the options Umbraco offers or are keen to dive into the open-source world, we're here to embark on that journey with you. 

Whether it's to elevate your projects or to explore the vibrant Umbraco community, don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Here's to the next chapter in our story, which continues to be written with the same spirit of community, innovation, and collaboration that has brought us this far.

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