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Welcome to Innerworks, the new tech blog powered by our community

Welcome to Innerworks, the new tech blog powered by our community

Jess Redman • Community Editor

from Innerworks • 18 Apr 2024 • 1 min read

Innerworks is for you. Find inspiration, share innovations, produce meaningful content, and find your community.

This article contains links to Cogworks pages, products or services

For every article containing links back to Cogworks’ website, we donate £50 to our amazing partner, Community Tech Aid, and any successful partnership will result in another £100 donation to help fund purchases to repair and refurbish donated technology.

Hey there, I'm Jess. Welcome to Innerworks! Let's take a little tour around what this is all about, how it came to exist, what we see in the future for Innerworks, and how that can involve you and that big brain of yours.

To start things off, we'll be clear, the folks managing this blog are the same people behind Cogworks; you may remember us as the original creators and hosts of the Umbraco UK Festival. We loved our old blog, and we hope you did too - the old posts are still accessible (for now), but it's time for something new.

Before we get to know each other better, here is a word from Cogworks CEO and founder Adam Shallcross; you may remember him as the DJ at Codegarden a few times. Take it away, Adam:

Hello Community

It's me, Adam! I'm Back!!

Well, I hadn't gone anywhere. I've always been here - like an old friend who pops up now and again that you can't seem to get rid of 🙂- just a bit older, probably a bit shorter (if that is a thing!) and a lot less hair, not that I had any in the first place. Am I any wiser…maybe? Who knows 🤷‍♂️

I've been doing a lot of thinking recently about this new world we've found ourselves in and when it came to relaunching a new blog to go with our new website, we wanted to do something a bit more in line with who we are;  we wanted to create a space for the community, honesty and collaboration. This isn't about self-PR; it's about giving something back to the community and helping it strengthen and grow. We don't just mean the Umbraco community, either; Innerworks is open to any tech community that wants to jump in.

So welcome to Innerworks - your little space to write, learn, collaborate, have fun, and join. Help us build a community together!


Right ok, enough about Cogworks already 🥱

Hello, it's Jess again.

While the folks at Cogworks are busy making websites, we get to unpack the tech world's ins and outs together. Innerworks is where we get to chat about the latest tech trends, share stories that move us, highlight helpful tools, and shine a light on community events, including those from the Umbracosphere and beyond. It's all about bringing those rich, diverse conversations right to you.

With Innerworks, we're laying down the welcome mat for everyone interested in tech, web and applications  – whether you're a developer, a designer, a digital marketer, a thought leader or just someone curious about the digital world. We're here to make exchanging ideas and knowledge as easy and open as a chat with friends, building a place where everyone can learn and grow.

Community TechAid and Innerworks

Bridging the digital divide

We’re beyond excited to announce our Innerworks partner, Community TechAid. A grassroots charity based in South London that aims to end the digital divide by providing sustainable access to technology and tech education to empower those in under-served communities.

You may have noticed the disclaimer at the top of this post - any promotional content on this blog will be clearly labelled as such. We want to ensure that Innerworks is a force for good; that is why every article that directly promotes an agency or product will be asked to donate to our partner before posting.

Learn more about Community TechAid and the amazing work they do at the bottom of this and every Innerworks post.

So who's writing all this?

We are (that's you and us)

Whether you're passionate about no-code solutions, coding, design, business strategies, digital marketing, helpful products or making a difference through not-for-profit initiatives 

Innerworks is a space where you can submit your blogs and posts or submit ideas about the things you want to hear about. 

Sound good? Do you have ideas in your head you're ready to share? We wanna know what's going on in there!

Community tech aid

Innerworks and Cogworks are proud to partner with Community TechAid who aim to enable sustainable access to technology and skills needed to ensure digital inclusion for all. Any support you can give is hugely appreciated.