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Redefining Outsourcing: Canopius' Voyage to a Paperless Insurance Platform

Redefining Outsourcing: Canopius' Voyage to a Paperless Insurance Platform


29 Nov 2023 • 3 min read

Outsourcing has a new look. Here's how Canopius borrowed our cohesive Cogworks team to build and ensure total ownership of a pioneering digital product for the Marine Insurance sector!

Innerworks is coming soon...

This blog was originally published on our previous Cogworks blog page. The Cogworks Blog is in the process of evolving into Innerworks, our new community-driven tech blog. With Innerworks, we aim to provide a space for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and connection within the wider tech community. Watch this space for Innerworks updates, but don't worry - you'll still be able to access content from the original Cogworks Blog if you want. 

A broadcast for help.

In March 2022, multi-national insurance specialist Canopius embarked on a pioneering digital transformation journey to purge paper from the insurance industry.

With vast expertise in product design, development and agile project delivery, Canopius brought us to help their small project team deliver an innovative marine insurance platform.

"We had one dev when Cogworks onboarded. As well as resource, it was the expertise and guidance from Cogworks that helped design and develop a successful product" - Louise Doyle, Head of Canopius Digital Products on Cogworks' approach to outsourcing.

Assembling a crew.

We matched the project requirements with the skillsets needed and assembled a Cogworks crew fit for the challenge! 

From then on, just a few things mattered: staying on track, developing impeccable tech and providing top-tier training and communication. With everyone in the right seats, we were ready for our first day as honorary members of the Canopius workforce. 


Getting in sync & influencing.

With our teams combined, we kicked off the discovery phase with workshops that established how Canopius did things, what they wanted and how we'd work together—resulting in an agile masterplan based around two-week sprint cycles.

"Because you work agile, there was no explaining required…it kind of just happened", Alice Senior, Client Success Manager.

We quickly got in sync with their development process, working in Azure DevOps to create code, submit pull requests, review, merge, and deploy seamlessly. 

Using Canopius' existing Balsamiq wireframes as a base, we transformed them into high-fidelity clickable prototypes using Figma (our design platform of choice). Figma allowed us to show off and test the enhanced user journeys with insurance underwriters, brokers and stakeholders so we could collect and implement their feedback!

"We got a lot of invaluable feedback from daily stand-ups with Cogworks that helped to shape the product. We were open to your ideas and it was a good collaboration!" Giles Ashley, Digital Project Manager


Returning to the helm.

As the project progressed, we reduced and increased resources as needed. We used demos and training at every step to empower Canopius to take control and achieve the total product ownership they needed.

Canopius has the tools to go it alone. Still, given the signal, our permanent team of senior consultants and engineers can slot right back into the project stream, clued up on the project's history and ready to assist with the next. 

"Your team has been phenomenal in championing the best approach, and the information you've been able to give ahead of sprints has helped us ensure we hit targets. I've already got a project in mind where Cogworks would be useful" - Louse Doyle - Head of Canopius Digital Products.


Gonna need a bigger team? 

Forget the traditional outsourcing model. Your team of Cogworks creatives are industry experts who swiftly turn ideas into sophisticated tech.

When you "outsource" us, you borrow our permanent team members. Our friendly designers, .NET architects and project managers pause life at Cogworks to become honorary members of your team. Our team know one another, so we settle in fast so we can all focus on the good bit: building products users will love.

Our values come with us. The best tech happens when we're up-front, respectful, and inclusive with our team and users.

When it's time for us to go, we leave you complete ownership of your product and a bolstered process and toolbox if you need one.

We're never really gone (we're ready for the next thing when you are).

Get in touch to find out how our collaborative approach to outsourcing can remotely deliver your next digital project.



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