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Embarrassing Content

Embarrassing Content

Katie Archibald

07 Aug 2018 • 3 min read

Don’t worry, we’ve seen it all before…

Hello, youve stumbled into the old Cogblog archives

We've switched our blogging focus to our new Innerworks content, where tech community members can share inspiring stories, content, and top tips. Because of this, old Cogworks blogs will soon be deleted from the site, so enjoy it while you can. A few of these might refer to images in the text, but those have been deleted already sorry. Some of these subjects will return, some aren't relevant anymore, and some just don't fit the unbiased community initiative of Innerworks.

If you'd like to take on this subject yourself please submit a new blog!

Farewell Cogworks Blog 💚

Have you ever found yourself late at night, frantically Googling a remedy for a rather sensitive issue you’d rather not be dealing with (incognito mode of course)? Or perhaps you’ve been intrigued by an article on your morning commute which you swiftly swipe past, before the person to your left catches you reading ‘The top 10 ways to prevent sweaty feet this summer’ (although in the back of your mind you know you’ll bookmark that one for later – your trip to Fuerteventura is just around the corner and those brown sandals do kick up quite a stink...) But I bet you’ve never stopped to wonder; “Who on earth is managing all this unsavoury content?”.

Well, that’s us! Here at the Cogworks we deal with a wide variety of digital content, much of which comes under the umbrella of ‘Health, Home and Hygiene’. So you can begin to imagine the sorts of topics which might fall into one of these categories. To give you an idea, it could be anything from articles on antibacterial wipes combatting the spread of highly contagious gastrointestinal infections, to tips on removing body soil from carpets…dare we ask?!

In our day-to-day office life it’s not unusual to hear things such a, “Hey, would you be able to make this fungal nail promo image a higher resolution, the client would like to be able to see the discolouration and thickening of the toenail in HD?” or “The market thinks it would be better if we exchange the XXL condom pack shot for the SML pack on the homepage carousel to reflect the current retail demand” - you just get used to it. 

As the digital world continues to expand and grow on a daily basis, topics that were once solely limited to being discussed with one’s nearest and dearest in the privacy of your own home, are now out in the open on the world wide web. Today the internet is all about sharing (sometimes a little too much) and making information accessible to as wide an audience as possible, often sparking a far-reaching positive global impact.

We work with a host of multilingual global websites and despite the office collectively speaking some 20+ languages, we can’t know them all! This means that, at times, we are blissfully ignorant of the content we are editing, enabling us to maintain objectivity throughout. It’s also important to bear in mind that ‘content’ doesn’t only refer to the words on a page but encompasses all elements of the site by way of imagery, videos or infographics. Ensuring all elements on the page fit together, as a well balanced painting would, makes for a smooth site flow and an enhanced user experience.

So, if you’ve got some interesting content and are looking for someone to manage the content, or build you a platform to help you do it yourself, get in touch!

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