What it Means to be an Umbraco Gold Partner

Check out our contributions to the Umbraco project and find out what it means to be one of the original Gold Partners.

Update June 2021: Updated in celebration of Imran becoming a Umbraco Certified Master! We'll carry on updating as our team earn more titles. Of course, we won't bother updating the titles we tend to use Cogworks, we could be here all day. Developer Imran is sometimes referred to as "The Lanch Master" and Adrian has been coined "The Automator". Well done to Marcin for his renewed MVP status at Codegarden 2021! 

In 2008 we became the first dedicated UK Umbraco Partner...two years later we became one of the first Umbraco Gold Partners. Today, we have a history of collaboration, contributions and achievements within the Umbraco community that we continue to build on.

What does it mean to be an Umbraco Gold Partner? Let's take a look at some of the ways we've maintained our Gold Partnership with our favourite, free, friendly CMS.

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Over the years Umbraco has awarded Cogworks and our teammates with these badges to officiate our everlasting love and commitment: Umbraco Gold Partner, Umbraco Contributing Gold Partner, and Umbraco MVP Awards.

Our Gold Partner status.

What it takes.

To obtain Gold Partner status, two or more Developers must be Umbraco certified”  - Umbraco

We took these criteria and ran! Seven members of the Cogworks Development team, across the UK and Poland, are Umbraco Certified experts or professionals; holding a combined 24 official certifications.

Umbraco expertise doesn't end there, all of our digital creators, from Project Managers to Designers, receive Umbraco Fundamentals training, meaning our team is equipped with the know-how to take on any Umbraco project.

Every year, we train to keep our certified Umbraco skills polished. To date, we’ve even trained four team members to ‘Umbraco Masters’; the highest possible certification status. From 2021 our team will continue to train to be a professional, expert or master in the latest version of Umbraco, so we can be sure our statuses are renewed every two years as per the new Umbraco certification structure

What we get in return.

Having Gold Partner status means we have access to some of the best perks available for Umbraco Partners such as a direct line of support from Umbraco HQ and annual Gold Partner training with unlimited access to the online training portal, Umbraco.tv

How it influences our work.

We work with Umbraco not just because we’re huge fans, but because we trust it. Keeping our Gold Partner status topped up keeps our Umbraco skills in top-form for our cross-sector clients: from international consumer brands to industry innovators, public sector organisations to ethically-minded start-ups.

Umbraco’s open-source flexibility means it's always the right fit to realise our clients’ visions:

• A seamless migration from Sitecore for Smith and Willamson where Umbraco’s flexibility, along with our own agile workflow, allowed for a seamless switchover of 4500 pages across 2 websites.

• A custom-built intranet, for influential architecture firm Foster + Partners, merging Umbraco and Azure technology to create an intelligent live search that serves their global workforce in real-time.

• A sustainable Umbraco eCommerce platform for Fed by Abel & Cole with custom APIs that help create a personalised office delivery experience.

Umbraco gives us the tools to create intelligent, engaging experiences and our know-how gives us the edge to find innovative solutions...no matter what the project.

Our Contributing Gold Partner badge.

What it takes.

The Contributing Gold Partner badge is a new achievement that shines a light on Gold Partners that go the extra mile for the growth of the Umbraco project and its community within a 12 month period.

We’ve contributed to Umbraco for as long as we can remember, through community events, technical contributions and education. We realised early on, the more you put into the Umbraco, the more you get in return.

Our contributions to the community.

The Umbraco UK Festival. In 2010, we hosted Umbraco’s 5th Birthday celebrations as a way of bringing the community together and to share our love for Umbraco. The event doubled as a forum for developers or “Umbracians” to meet, collaborate and share their Umbraco experience. Since then, we’ve hosted 10 consecutive annual Umbraco UK Festivals as well as 3 in Poland!


...The 2019 festival was the largest known community-run Umbraco festival (ever).

2010 also saw our Co-founder, Adam Shallcross, launch the London Umbraco meetup. The first meetup was 8 like-minded folk keen to talk Umbraco. Now it has 536 members dotted around London with 120 meetups under its belt, from BBQ’s, to round table discussions, and themed quizzes. Recently, it has adapted to a remote set-up and the conversation continues online!

In December 2017, Cogworks CTO, Marcin Zajkowski co-hosted the first weekly episode of UmbraCoffee on Youtube to bring Umbraco news live to the community. #UmbraCoffee is now a popular twitter hashtag and an example criteria for Contributing Partner applications!

Our technical contributions.

As an industry leader, we worked with Umbraco HQ to design and implement the installer process for Umbraco 6 and have built numerous other packages!

Building packages is one of our favourite ways to contribute to the Umbraco world and fulfil our need to find simple user-friendly solutions. Some of our ingenious packages include:

Find and Replace - A simple and intuitive package which allows editors to find and replace content in Umbraco.

Sitelock - A security package for Umbraco that locks down a site so only users who are logged into the backoffice can see the public website.

Multilingual Url Picker Property Editor - A package that allows editors to pick nodes in the content tree from different languages to manage multilingual content in a simple, standardized way. You can read all about it in our recent blog post.

Our contribution to education.

Back in 2016, Umbraco HQ asked us to improve the quality of customer implementations in the UK and Poland. We helped Umbraco reach more customers as the official trainer for, what was then, Umbraco Level 2 until their courses moved online in 2019. 

After a well-received Umbraco Examine workshop held at Umbraco UK festival 2016, we adapted the session material into a full-day training course and offered it to Umbraco. This was then delivered by us in the UK and Poland as part of Umbraco’s official training program.

Continued Contributions.

We’re always looking into new ways to give back to the Umbraco community. Currently, we’re focussing on exciting new packages and continuing to engage with the community during these unprecedented times.

Our Umbraco MVP’s.

What it takes.

To be an Umbraco MVP means you are a great ambassador of what the Umbraco community stands for.   ‘MVP’s represent the best of the community which is one of the main building blocks in what makes the foundation of the Umbraco project.’

Cogworks MVP's.

Gold and Contributing Partner badges prove we know our stuff when it comes to Umbraco. That said, it’s important to shout about our individual team members. Umbraco has classified 5 Cogworks team members as  “Most Valuable People” for their undivided attention to Umbraco and the community.

Marcin Zajkowski, Cogworks CTO, was awarded MVP (for the FOURTH time) for outstanding contributions such as: #UmbraCoffee, core and package contributions, .Net talks, blogs, Umbraco Poland Festival and even a video series for Microsoft Poland! Impressive.

Cogworks Co-Founder, Adam Shallcross, has been recognised as an Umbraco MVP for his influential role within the community since we became a dedicated partner. The list is a long one but includes: the London Umbraco meet-up, Umbraco UK Festival and supporting MVPs at Cogworks. Groovy.

So...what does it mean to be an Umbraco Gold Partner?

For us, it means the world. We love being part of the Umbraco community and giving back in any way we can. We’re always looking for new ways to learn about the most flexible CMS out there and engage with the talented community behind it!

For clients, it means we provide the best possible service, apply the best technical strategy, and create intuitive experiences for content editors and users alike. It means we know the value of long-lasting partnerships and that’s why we’re on-hand when the project is over; to train developers and editors, for ongoing support, and to find new ways to continuously improve their digital presence.

So whether your project is just an idea on a notepad, or already off the ground, as an accomplished Umbraco Gold Partner, we're here to help.

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