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Is your Umbraco site running at its optimum?

Umbraco health check

How it works.

As an Umbraco Gold Partner we know best practice when implementing Umbraco, our industry-leading Umbraco health check ensures your site is performing as efficiently as it can be. By performing a series of tests on all areas of your site we can assess where it’s struggling and what Umbraco support we can offer you. 

During the Umbraco health check we complete performance profiling, code quality and best practice checks:

How it works

Performance profiling.

We use the latest profiling software to check your site for any bottlenecks or performance problems that may be slowing things down or causing issues.

These may not be clear by just looking at the code, so profiling provides extra detail that allows us to assess where your site can be optimised.

Performance profiling

Code quality.

Your site may be doing what it needs - but the code may not be operating in the most efficient way, there may be some hidden issues that need to be improved.

As part of our Umbraco health check, we will review the way the code has been written, if there are any improvements needed and if so what the impact of those changes will be.

Code quality

Best practice Umbraco configuration.

A key part of the Umbraco health check is to review the Umbraco set-up and configuration to ensure it follows industry best practice.

We cover the Umbraco admin interface and how it has been set-up, looking at a range of areas; how easy it is to add content, whether the fields are laid out in an intuitive way and whether the format is limiting content editing. 

Best practice Umbraco configuration

Umbraco health check report.

Following your Umbraco health check, you will receive a full report covering all areas of review, explaining the issues found and what steps you can take to improve your Umbraco site. 

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Umbraco health check report

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