Getting to know you, getting to know your users.

Design Discovery

Design exploration.

Our design discovery phase allows us to fully understand you, your goals and the way your users interact. We use data, analytics and collaborative workshops to develop your digital transformation and creative strategy.

Through our discovery process, we can align ourselves with you as a partner and begin to create measurable goals that will continually guide the project towards your vision.

Design exploration


We think it’s important to get to know you before we get to know your users. 

We begin by collecting all the information we can about you to create a clear picture of who you are and what you believe in. By combining essentials like brand values and business goals with your existing data, analytics and user research we can begin to understand you and the relationship you have with your users.

This initial research also helps us to determine and plan what workshops will be most beneficial. 

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Our discovery workshops help us develop the digital and creative strategy for your project by allowing us to build upon existing research, understand your pain points and set out ways to reach your goals.

What we learn here drives your digital transformation and acts as a reference for problem-solving throughout the project, while ensuring we’re always on track with your vision, values and brand.


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Staying on-brand

Design discovery led our approach to Foster + Partners’ Intranet. We took influence from their own design and architectural expertise to create a custom intranet with a defined minimalist aesthetic. 

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Foster + Partners

Digital architecture. Built to connect.

2018 Company intranet
A web design mockup of the Foster and partners intranet built on Umbraco by Cogworks Umbraco Gold Partner Agency London

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