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The case

Russell-Cooke, a top 100 law firm, turned to Cogworks for better representation online.

In 2023 Russell-Cooke partnered with Cogworks to redesign and rebuild their site. Their service offerings were buried in complex site structures, leading to high drop-off rates, and their online brand identity had become detached from their core values. With a focus on refining the presentation of their range of services and enhancing user experience, Orama Studio proved the perfect platform to showcase the firm's personal approach to practice.


Orama Studio's ready-to-go backoffice allowed Russell-Cooke to deep-dive into design consultancy and Information Architecture advice to set the firm apart. Using Orama, we rebuilt and redesigned their site on Umbraco with a shorter-than-average development phase.

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Creating order

The firm felt their existing site catered to their employees over potential customers. So, we called for an Information Architecture workshop help define a simple site map and content structure that put the focus back on the end user. And working to collaboratively map simple user journeys and custom content strategies to add, delete, group and merge content, the teams were able to ensure users could find the right content fast.

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Appealing design

Reinforcing the Russell-Cooke brand

We transferred everything we learned from our initial workshops and applied this to the new designs, simplifying the usage of colour on the site we were able to showcase the core of this renowned brand. We extended the capabilities of the core green tones repurposing the secondary colours for UI support colours creating updated and fully compliant AA colour pallet.

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Organic traffic

Demonstrating thought leadership

Russell-Cooke provide updates on their industry regularly, hold events, post videos and podcasts, and provide their users with helpful downloadable content. 

With Orama Studio we were able to easily curate that content into one search powered online-magazine so users can access all of their insights in one helpful platform.

Thought Leadership

We've seen a 19% organic traffic increase within the first 4 months of launch

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Integrating Orama

Design done, we connected their custom frontend design with their configuration of Orama.

Russell-Cooke applied their design to everything in the base package of Orama - Cogworks' out-of-the-box backoffice - including advanced content-listing pages built for lead generation and sophisticated horizontal tagging using Azure. The firm further customised Orama with some bespoke enhancements based on what we discovered in design consultancy, by adding more advanced logic to features within listing pages to better communicate their brand.


Orama is fully responsive from the get-go, security checked to OWASP standards and performance tested. Why not give Orama a fair hearing and sign up for a free demo below.

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