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Digital architecture. Built to connect.

Creating a digital space

With design principles reflecting their architectural style, we created an integrated central platform for the UK’s most influential architecture firm.

The custom-built intranet enables effortless worldwide connectivity by bringing together internal processes and resources, creating collaborative communities and sharing news and achievements across the network.


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Digital Space

It takes a lot of effort for a building to look effortless

Norman Foster • Renowned Architect • Foster + Parnters

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Our design ethos was governed by simplicity and inspired by the mediums within Material Design. Appreciation of physical attributes like texture, light and shadow resulted in a familiar user interface with a defined minimalist aesthetic.

We took influence from Foster + Partners’ own expertise, a synthesis of elements: functionality and serenity. Sophisticated technical development is hidden by the simplicity of the design, meaning the user experience is as intuitive as it is seamless.

A powerful search

One inclusive live search built to handle queries that generate results across people, documents, apps, news and communities. Powered by Azure the search is able to process vast amounts of information, combining multiple indexes that produce a single set of mixed content results.

In real-time it is capable of ordering these results by relevance and refining by index using facets, a-z filters, tagging and pagination. By laying sophisticated tech foundations we created a clean and powerful tool, serving a global workforce instantly.

Developing foundations

Together we’ve built a working partnership that inspires collaboration. This enables mentorship, provides ongoing support and ensures their intranet is sustainable and effective.