PCUK Win Two Drum Awards for Its 30s Risk Checker Challenge

The award-winning, innovative Risk Checker is just one of the many impactful tools on the PCUK website. This feature has received endorsement from NHS England and has saved thousands of lives. Find out why.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and is usually symptomless before it spreads. With no routine screening process available, men must check their risk. 

Following the pandemic, NHS research highlighted a significant drop in referrals and treatments. 

Previous NHS research shows that half of the people would delay their in-person GP appointment for worry of burdening the health service during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Prostate Cancer UK had to take action to find the 14,000 men who haven’t started prostate cancer treatment due to the pandemic. 

The 30-Second Risk Checker

The 30-second Risk checker campaign from Prostate Cancer UK is a simple yet innovative life-saving website feature that has urged more than half a million men to take action against cancer. 

A year into the campaign, 211,000 men had used the Risk Checker, and the NHS was watching. 

Working in partnership with Prostate Cancer UK, the NHS funded £1.9 million in the largest-ever charity partnership to help deliver the message across the UK!

Source: Prostate Cancer UK

The Risk Checker is an interactive, shareable page that serves as a simple call to action for the campaign. 

The chat-style page allows users to quickly answer questions about themselves with simple multiple-choice buttons that lead to personalised information on how to test, followed by a question on what actions users have decided. 

Source: Prostate Cancer UK

Why PCUK won The Drum Awards for Content 2022.

In December 2022, the Risk Checker campaign won two The Drum Awards for content. (If you haven’t heard of The Drum, they are one of the top places to go for insights and solutions in the marketing and media industry).

Why did they win? 

Day one of the campaign delivered over a quarter of a million website visits, and over half a million men completed the risk checker during the campaign; 63% of those decided they wanted a test! These are incredible results that far exceed the original target of 14,000 men missed during the pandemic. 

Supporting PCUK’s vision.

Cogworks have designed and built the PCUK website to be powerful and accessible enough to support its ongoing mission.

No global digital campaign is ready to launch without a thorough check to ensure that systems are stable enough to handle the expected incoming traffic! So that the site runs smoothly, we load-tested their cloud infrastructure hosted on Microsoft Azure before scaling it out (a fancy way to say we made the site available to thousands more users at the touch of a button). The site will also auto-scale, meaning it’ll automatically handle changes in traffic easily.

The imaginative award-winning Risk Checker is just one of many impactful features the PCUK website includes. The site’s design is accessible, inclusive and user-friendly so that thousands of daily users can count on their content to stay informed and updated about how to deal with Prostate Cancer (which is why working with PCUK is one of our proudest achievements).

Explore the PCUK website or check your risk.

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