5 Inspiring Companies That Use Digital Solutions to Save the Planet

It's #EarthDay2020 today. We’re celebrating with a round-up of brilliant, environmentally conscious work being carried out in digital right now!

To celebrate EarthDay2020, we’ve decided to show off some environmentally conscious, digital companies who are certainly showing us how it’s done. 

It’s clear that our shortlist of 5 innovators are mindful of their digital and physical footprints...so without further ado:


1. Amber

33874871868_163032ba90_k (1).jpgPhotographer: ©harry_nl

Sharing is the new owning in the Netherlands. The Eindhoven-based startup Amber Mobility relies on Microsoft Azure and Al software to enable their users to drive electric cars such as the BMW i3 from their mobile devices. Cloud services and Artificial Intelligence help businesses to keep their physical footprint down and cut energy consumption. All you need is their app. 

2. AreoFarms 


AeroFarms use patented award-winning technology to collect enormous amounts of data to create the perfect conditions for plants for indoor vertical farming, enabling precision, efficiency and minimal environmental impact. With combined support from Microsoft Azure and Dell Technologies, AeroFarms are able to get to work reducing harmful transportation emissions by 98% on average. That’s pretty impressive.


3. The New Raw

Photographer: ©Stefanos Tsakiris

From pixels to plastic bags. Rotterdam-based research & design studio, The New Raw invites their citizens to create their own custom street furniture with recyclable materials and rehome it in their own city! The New Raw is looking to disrupt the linear notion of production, usage and waste with material research, digital design and fabrication.



4. Too Good To Go

©Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go has helped 3,746 businesses connect with the public, sharing yummy surplus food in an impressive effort to reduce emissions from waste. Using your device location, it maps where you can purchase and pick up perfectly delicious food that didn’t quite sell. Their motto?  ‘Save a meal - make a difference. It's as simple as that!’ 



5. Foster and partners 

©Foster and Partners

Foster and partners are responsible for the design of one of the most sustainable offices in the world; the Bloomberg Headquarters in London. Smart tech is part of the foundations of this building’s architecture.

Amongst other features, AI is used to automate their unique ventilation system which responds according to the weather. Airflow is also adjusted according to the number of people in a certain area at any one time which is predicted to drastically reduce CO2 emissions!

We collaborated with Foster and Partners recently to build their company intranet. Part of our work involved connecting some of this smart technology with the existing APIs to push notifications to staff when they can open and close a window in their studio space, at their new London Campus in Battersea.

It’s exciting to watch these, and many other inspiring companies use digital technology to disrupt the traditional product life cycle and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Happy #EarthDay2020.

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